Total Clicks & Impressions (Google Search Console)

Over the past three months, the SEO initiatives have delivered 652 clicks and 19.1K impressions, showcasing a steady upward trend. The average click-through rate (CTR) has improved to 3.4%, and the average position has seen a rise, suggesting that the website is gaining traction and visibility in search results.

Overall Impressions (Google Search Console)

In the last 28 days, total impressions more than doubled from 4.11K to 8.64K compared to the previous 28 days, indicating a substantial increase in visibility and audience engagement.

Overall Clicks (Google Search Console)

In the past 28 days, there was a remarkable increase in total clicks, going from 173 in the previous period to 300, highlighting a successful growth in user interactions.

Top Queries (Google Search Console)

Significant increases in impressions for targeted keywords were observed. For instance, the query “drug crime lawyer” went from 0 to 139 impressions, and “criminal lawyer Montreal” from 16 to 106 impressions in the last 28 days. These improvements highlight a successful boost in visibility for these specific search terms.

Top Pages (Google Search Console)

The strategy effectively enhanced specific page performances. The main page of El Haddad Avocats saw a surge in impressions from 1,724 to 2,841, indicating improved visibility and content ranking.

Health Score (Ahrefs)

The website’s health score is at an excellent mark of 100, suggesting that all internal URLs are error-free, which is critical for SEO and user experience.

Organic Keywords

For this law firm’s website, the report shows that there are 160 keywords, with multiple keywords reaching top 20 rankings, significant position gains like ‘montreal criminal lawyer’ rising 71 spots, and some keywords experiencing monthly search volumes up to 400.

Page Traffic and Value Increases (Ahrefs)

El Haddad Avocats’ various service pages have experienced substantial traffic growth, with the English homepage seeing an increase of 62.7% and its value rising by 100%. These numbers suggest that the firm’s digital content is successfully attracting more visitors and potential clients.

Organic Search Growth (Ahrefs)

Organic search performance has consistently risen, signaling that the SEO strategy has resulted in a lasting enhancement of both organic visibility and traffic. This is evidenced by the quadrupling of both organic keywords and organic pages over the past month, illustrating the strategy’s tangible success.

User Activity Surge (Google Analytics)

User activity has climbed significantly, showing a 63.1% increase over the past 30 days, indicating a successful uptick in user engagement thanks to the SEO efforts.

Dominance in Traffic Acquisition (Google Analytics)

Organic search stands out as the primary channel for traffic acquisition, overwhelmingly surpassing other channels like direct, referral, and social, which emphasizes the success of the SEO strategy in enhancing the site’s discoverability.

User Growth (Google Analytics)

This site has experienced a remarkable 294.7% increase in users over the same period, indicating a significant expansion of its audience base and suggesting highly effective SEO and marketing efforts.

Business Profile Interactions (Google My Business Profile)

A total of 746 business profile interactions reflect a strong and engaging local presence, and we can see a 13% increase compared to the same period last year. High interaction rates are beneficial for local SEO, suggesting to search engines that a business is a popular and authoritative choice in its locality, which may improve its visibility in local search queries.

Google Business Profile Calls (Google My Business Profile)

The 154 calls from the Google Business Profile can positively impact local SEO. A higher number of calls can signal to search engines that the business is a credible and relevant entity, potentially leading to improved rankings in local search results. The number of call seems to be stable for the moment, but it’s also too soon to start seeing such results.

Google Business Profile Clicks (Google My Business Profile)

The 316 clicks from the Google Business Profile suggest high user engagement, crucial for local SEO, and we can see a 30% increase compared to the same period last year. Such engagement can lead to better visibility in local search results and is indicative of a well-optimized presence on Google’s local listings, which can enhance organic search performance.

GTmetrix Grade

The GTmetrix performance and structure scores, both at 100%, indicate that the website is loading quickly and is well-structured. Speed and structure are essential for SEO as they impact user experience, a key component of Google’s ranking factors. Core Web Vitals, with a Largest Contentful Paint of 573ms and a Total Blocking Time of 0ms, are directly tied to Google’s ranking factors. Excellent scores in these vitals suggest the website provides a stable and responsive user experience, which is essential for maintaining and improving SEO rankings.

Desktop Website Performance (Google PageSpeed Insights)

A desktop website performance score of 100/100, while secondary to mobile, still plays an important role in SEO. It ensures users on desktop devices have a swift and efficient experience, which search engines like Google factor into their ranking algorithms.

Mobile Website Performance (Google PageSpeed Insights)

The mobile website performance score of 95/100 is crucial for SEO since Google emphasizes mobile-first indexing. A high score reflects an optimized site for mobile users, which greatly influences search engine rankings due to the growing predominance of mobile search queries.